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I’ve long been in the financial college mode. I shop at thrift stores, have an almost magnetic attraction to sales racks, AND I love surfing the internet for great freebies. Thus why one of the blogs I follow is I just stumbled across a great offer for a free apron from Presto’s Pizza!


So what’s this all about?

I can’t be the only one who keeps receiving messages from colleges and scholarship websites. “HEY!” they yell. “LOOK AT US!” To which I can’t help but think, Dude, I’m already enrolled in college. I’ve signed up for classes. Leave me alone.

I keep getting these annoying spam messages that give me “great college advice” and “insider tips”. Only here is the thing: they’re advice is terrible! It’s clearly written by some thirtysomething guy who has no idea what it’s like to go to college anymore. He’s trying to come off as cool by mentioning how you can instant message your friends through the internets or even myspace.

So what I’m offering is a more honest approach. I’m not an expert. I’m not a thirty year old. I am an 18 year old girl who is about to start her freshman year at a major public, Midwestern University.

I’m going to talk about everything that incorporates: getting to know, building, and defining your relationship with your roommate, making friends, getting involved, balancing grades and social life, sudden independence, and the ins and outs of dorm life. But I’m also just going to talk about my life beyond that. My relationships, funny things that happened to me, random opinions on topics. And yes, I’m going to talk about sex. Because, let’s be honest, it’s interesting!

They say that the four years in college are some of the most memorable in you life. So I’m going to document it and discuss it honestly. If nobody but me reads this, I’ll have documentation of this crazy four year roller coaster ride. If someone else reads this, I hope you either gain insight into the actual college experience or realize that someone else has had the exact same experience as you.

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